collaborative Multimedia Installation, DIE DIELE, Zurich, Switzerland (2019)

In the framework of the 4th phase of the long term project -A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas- our collective (Anastasija Pandilovska, Eline Tsvetkova and myself)
developed this work for the art spaces of DIE DIELE, two vitrines in the streets of Zurich Kreis 4, close to Langstrasse.

By working with the different levels of the showcases of DIE DIELE (panes, surface and background) it was intended to achieve a multi-layered representation of the
respective regions, which we visited in the course of our long-term project (of the three preceding project phases) and at the same time point out the challenging undertaking
of a kaleidoscopic display of "other" cultures, which yet according to today's Zeitgeist we were allowed to do as we are from the respective regions visited.

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Materials: paper, paint, thread, TV, plastic, metal, wood, textile, glue, cardboard, cookie