In the framework of the third phase (December 2017) of the long term project -A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas- we as a collective stayed and worked
at vorAnker, an art recidency space in the 10th district of Vienna. For our final presentation with the name "Zimmer, Küche, Kabinett" I made two works,
each of them dealing with different topics. The first one I gave the title "Selbstportrait als Diaprojektor/ Danke Moma für die Pyttygasse". In this work I projected,
with my grandfather's projector old family photo slides onto the wall of the exhibition space which depicted the women of my family as they gather on the building
sight of their future the weekend home. This was in the 1960s.
Today I own this weekend home and I live on the money that I receive by renting it out permanently.

The second work is a multimedia installation which is called "Public Pool 1140" and deals with the structures of public pools in the city of Vienna. My interest in
regard to these institutions, which were mostly built during the monarchy or later during the period of so-called "Red Vienna", lies in the potentiality of these pools
to be multicultural meeting points where hierarchies among the local population are suspended and people share one space and encounter "the other". I refer to these
public pools also as "multicultural soups" and find their existence and affordability crucial for the inhabitants of a multiethnic city like Vienna.

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Selbstportrait als Diaprojektor/ Danke Moma für die Pyttygasse

Public Pool 1140