Der Fall Romy Schneider
alias Romy Schneider zum Gedächtnis
alias Drehbücher als Psychogramme

Installation, 2018

The work made for a student group show at MUMOK cinema in Vienna deals with the visual and cultural image of the Austrian actress Romy Schneider (1938 to 1982),
who would have celebrated her 80th birthday in 2018. In the form of leaflets/screenplays/psychograms/you name it, there are collected images that form part of the installation.
Selecting and editing' as an artistic method (curating or casting) plays just as important a role as the roles Romy Schneider has assumed and the role changes she has repeatedly
made, both in film and in real life. I am particularly interested in Schneider's complex history of reception and its function as a projection screen for post-war European society.

I believe the persona Romy Schneider raises many questions about the process of external attributions, which in turn can be arbitrarily shaped or cast by a process of
'selection and editing'. Furthermore, I think that the cultural phenomenon Romy Schneider was an important part of the repression mechanisms and traumas resulting from
the atrocities in the Third Reich and that her biography can be read as a psychogram of an entire society.

Materials: table, paper, plastic, metal