Homo faber ?

watercolor on paper, pearls, ca. 70 x 50 cm, Vienna 2020

The watercolor series Homo faber ?, on a meta-level, is about the production of minimal artistic interventions on paper. With their graphic elements,
these refer specifically to the Pompeian graffiti and their often vulgar content and are also inspired by the watercolor paintings of anthroposophy.
In the former, the dividing line between the public and the private plays a role, whereby the painting method from Steiner's universe refers to the
field of tension between movement and stagnation.

The aquarelles thus question notions of raison d'être, or individual emancipation processes,
which, according to Hannah Arendt, for example, attempt to build a bridge from the producing human being (homo faber) to the acting one.

*one of the frames contains inherited loose pearls. One is therfore able to take the frame and play with it like it were a ball maze puzzle.