Multimedia-Installation, MUSA Startgalerie, Vienna, 2019

The work Status Quo II is a representation of a social or political constellation, that of postwar Austria, using colors, office furniture (pin walls), objects,
videos and archive material of the artist. This accumulation of visual information represents the different layers, elements and images that shape an individual
in the process of individualization through (collective) political / cultural events and influences.Furthermore, the basic assumption of the installation is that
a period of time, commonly referred to as the Second Republic (2. Republik), is now coming to an end. Thus, the current political and social constellation
can not yet be made clear or named.

One of the artist's concerns is to use this installation to experience a political situation in a physical, color-based and non-text-based manner. It sheds
light on fragmentations, relationships and dependencies that play a role in coexistence (democracy) practices.