working title:

The more you approach nature, the more you must leave it

An art installation to redesign the memorial square for the Wiener Neudorfer satellite camp and its forced laborers.

Proposal in the framework of an open call from the Gedenkverein/ Mauthausen Commitee and the municipality of Wiener Neudorf, 2020.

The starting point for the redesign is the monument by Austrian artist Arik Brauer and its aesthetics. In connection with the visual language of one of my
own installations on the subject of forced labor, a supplementary art installation is created around Brauer's monument. With the help of a structural
contextualization and the use of QR codes, an interactive course of the history of the concentration camp subcamp is created on the corner of
Palmersstraße / Eumigweg.

The proposal was not selected by the jury.