Google Merwart und Ryki
Carbon prints on paper, 60 x 40 cm

MUSA Startgalerie Vienna,
PuntWG, Amsterdam

In the work Google Merwart und Ryki incomplete image files are used to visualise untold family history.

The carbon prints show results of a digital google image search that appear when entering the family name of the artist's grandfather
and the eastern Polish town Rkyi near Warsaw where he, as a structural engineer, supervised the construction of roads during World War II.
From 1943 he frequently travelled between his hometown Vienna, Poland and the Balkans in order to plan and visit several building sites
run by the Viennese construction company named Schallinger which again was commissioned by the National Socialist organisation Todt.
This civil and military engineering organisation carried out much of the infrastructural occupation of Eastern Europe during World War II
and mainly used forced labourers (Jews, war prisoners or other concentration camp inmates) who in most cases had to work themselves
to death or were killed directly.

After his employment during the war, which secured the family's livelihood, the artist's grandfather became co-founder of a construction
company that profited greatly from the reconstruction of the city of Vienna. In the post-war period the reports on his time in Poland were
very limited, which stood in great contrast to the otherwise meticulously documented family history in form of thousands of film recordings,
photographs and slides. Accordingly, within the family the time he had spent in the Nazi-occupied areas was never directly discussed
nor dealt with.