For the performance class taught by performance artist Sharon Hayes every student has to prepare a one minute performance
which is then presented to the class in a row. Sometimes with a proposal given by the teacher or a guest artist. Collaborations
are possible. The following lines are a mere description of the works I performed in this class.

I go in front and ask the whole class to arrange the chairs so they are
all facing me while being seated. I ask them to close their eyes until I
say they can open them again. I look at my mobile phone to stop the time
and examine the others with their eyes closed. After one minute I tell
them to open their eyes again.

The prompt is to relate the performance to the term proximity.

(The week before a fellow student of mine handed out ca. twenty spare
keys to his shared flat in Brooklyn as his 1 minute performance. He said we
were welcome to come by any time.)

In the morning before the class I'm on my way to school but make a detour
via his apartment. In class I read out loud notes I took after visiting his place:
"I kept thinking about the term proximity and at one point I decided to
go to school. I had the spare key to Tate's apartment in my pocket. I found
the address, by coincident bumped in to Tate in front of the door and he
encouraged me again to go upstairs. In apartment 4F I met his two
roommates, had a chat with them, one of them talked a bit about his art
projects. I took a bite from a cookie and left again."

The prompt is to address, use or employ black music.

We are all in the lobby of the 5th floor where we just saw another one minute
piece. I ask the class to come with me and wait in front of one of the walls.
I tell them I will be back in 2 seconds, I run to our class room, fetch my black
Honeywell heater which I use at home. I request they all sit down on the floor,
plug in the heater in front of us, turned it on and let it rotate on 23 °C for
approximately 1 minute. The warmth and the humming sound could be felt
after some seconds. After that I turned it off again.

The promt is to make use of someone else's voice.

I go in front of the class install the laptop to the projector and click on an
audio file. Via the speakers one can hear a female voice with Russian
accent saying the lines:
"Do you remember the movie my fair lady from 1964? The main character
in the film Eliza Doolittle was played by Audrey Hepburn. Throughout the
whole movie Audrey Hepburn's singing voice was dubbed by singer
Marni Nixon."
Then I open a QuickTime file which shows a looped sequence from the film.

The prompt is to make use of someone else's movement.

Before class starts I go to buy a big container of coffee and two poppy seed
strudel. When it is my turn I offer my class the coffee and pastry. We eat and